Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Medical Marijuana Bill Goes Up In Smoke: Gov. Dayton and Law Enforcement Are Dopes!

Just one day after the State of Colorado revealed eye popping figures for the first month of legal recreational marijuana sales, the State of Minnesota pulled its medical marijuana bill because it did not have the approval of law enforcement. Governor Dayton had previously stated for the record that he would not sign a medical marijuana bill unless it had the support of law enforcement, the same criteria, by the way, that Dayton's predecessor, Timmie "Metro Gang Strike Farce" Pawlenty had. (Not exactly the best footprints to follow in.)

Let's take a moment to analyze the logic here.  The United States has been at war with its own citizens since Richard Nixon declared war on drugs and President Nancy Reagan just said no.  Since that time, thanks to the incredibly short sighted civil forfeiture laws we have seen law enforcement in this country start to resemble their South of the Border comrades in crime. All the while it is an undisputed fact that the war on drugs has been a colossal failure and complete waste of this country's resources.  It has given us the disreputable title of incarcerating more human beings than any nation in the world.  The United States of America "Home of the Drug Gulags".

The reason law enforcement is against medical marijuana is the same reason they were against the repeal of prohibition, because they are profiting on it.  Law enforcement have become too dependent on their illegal and ill gotten gains from the civil forfeiture laws.  Talk to any experienced criminal defense lawyer in the country and they will regale you with story after story of how law enforcement agencies all over the country have become addicted to the easy money from shaking down controlled substance users for valuables with the help of their paid snitches and the chumps handed to them by traffickers who they are in cahoots with.

So shame on Governor Dayton.  Shame on Minnesota law enforcement officials who opposed the bill.  A bill by the way that was worthless due to the ridiculous restrictions heaped on the bill by amendment supposedly to satisfy law enforcement who never had any intention of agreeing to any final version no matter how restrictive.  I hope you dopes sleep well at night knowing that you deprived cancer victims, Parkinson's patients, men, women and children afflicted with many serious medical conditions, of a proven, effective and natural remedy for relief from their suffering.

Governor Dayton ask yourself if your position would be the same if it was your loved one having complications from chemotherapy or Parkinson's?

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