Friday, October 12, 2012

Post VP Debate Debate: Romney Lover Wishing He Had Morning After Pill

This is the third installment in the Election 2012 debate by proxy series featuring your host, the kind, thoughtful, usually quiet, almost reticent progressive intellectual, Plainsense, versus his mean, thoughtless, loudmouth, almost hysterical , histrionic beyatch from the Fracted up state of SoDak, Mr. Biggy Small herself,
Romney Lover.  Let the games begin:

Plainsense:   How was that can of whoop a$$?   Biden the beast!  Ryan the yeast, infection!
Plainsense:   How many times is Ryan going to repeat the totally discredited and fact checked lie about robbing Medicare of $716 billion?
Romney Lover:   They took $716 billion from Medicare and transferred it over to Obama care. If this is hard for you to understand then you and Biden should room together at the sunny side home for seniors.  *(See Ryan and Republicans: What's Reality Got To Do With It? )
Romney Lover:   Biden was rattled, rude and completely off his game last night. Ryan appeared much more presidential. It made me think about how I will smile when they put that useless sob out to pasture. He has been on the Gov. Dime since 1970 and it is time for him to fade away. Oh, wait, he also got his son a job now. How nice. They are like Kennedy's. No ambition other than to get elected and draw a Gov. Paycheck for life.
Romney Lover:   He talks about "leveling the playing field." All that means is redistributing wealth. Why didn't Ryan go for the throat when hair plugs Biden was throwing out all the baseball talk. So you want to level the playing field huh, well right now everyone is given a fair chance to play the game, would you like to give them 5 outs instead of 3 to level the game, must all games end in a tie? Can we actually have a winner and loser in this game? Hi, I'm from Scranton........ Who gives a shit?
Plainsense:   Oh tax cuts for millionaires and Willard paying only 14% isn’t redistribution of wealth? I'm paying more for those swine?
Plainsense:   We must have watched 2 different debates because Biden killed him threw the lies back in his face and spit on him! 4 MORE YEARS 4 MORE YEARS
Romney Lover:   Didn't you hear Ryan last night; if you taxed every single one of those rich people at the Clinton rate the extra money would hardly be noticeable.
Plainsense:   Turn out the lights....the party's over....
Romney Lover:   you are delirious. Biden was rude to the female moderator as well as Ryan. Man, he came off appearing as a befuddled stuttering senior. Your prism is severely skewed.
Romney Lover:   Doesn't it seem a little fishy that the great old USA has a corporate tax structure that is higher than socialized countries? I suppose this was a lie as well.
Plainsense:   Victory is here raise a mighty Cheer and sing the song of Hercules!!!
Plainsense:   Did you see my tweets?
Plainsense: Best Moment: Biden responding to criticism of stimulus I received 2 letters from Ryan begging for some of the job creating economy growing stimulus: HYPOCRISY WAS NEVER SO SWEET AND SO I TWEET BIDEN NUMERO UNO!!
Plainsense:  Turn out the lights...the party's over...
Romney Lover:  I don't follow anything you say anymore after you raised the race card again on the roll call. It made me so mad I just deleted it as a favorite. Your writing is dead to me.
Plainsense:  Do you think I should wear a blue or black cumber bun to the Inaugural ball?
Romney Lover:  Oh, I didn't hear your last point some old guy in the room kept interrupting, sneering, laughing and generally being rude while the adults were trying to talk.
Plainsense: You don’t think George Allen calling someone the equivalent of the N word makes him a racist? Where are you from Spear chucker?
Romney Lover:  I thought the word was Micaca or something like that.
Romney Lover:   If you are going to look at every word spoken in this country and trace it around the world to see if it means something else in a different country and then argue that foreign countries meaning applied to the word when spoken in the USA then you obviously have too much time on your hands.
Plainsense:  Give me a break, the facts are that George Jr. Klansman was raised in morocco or a n. African country for several years as a boy with his mommy and that is the local n word. So when he sees an opponent's staff, a person of color filming him, he looks into the camera and calls him the equivalent of the n word and later tries to say he made up the word, didn’t know the meaning OH BS as my dad would say. Working in the fields you get you back burned working neath the wheels you get your facts learned baby I got my facts learned real Good Badlands you got to live it every day...
Plainsense:   4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years
Plainsense:   Did you watch the replay of Frontline The Choice 2012? Of course not because you do not like to be informed, easier to swallow the lies you are fed on a daily basis from the RNC
Plainsense:   It's over. The lights don’t shine no more....
Romney Lover:   It is going to be closer than you think. But, you go ahead and put on your tux and get ready. If you lost maybe sausage will dance with you.
Plainsense:   The best television journalism source paints a stark contrast between the President a man who believes in something and Romney a man who only believes in his own ambition who will say and do anything to achieve what his father could not...sound familiar we tried that guy once and things didn’t work out so well or do you consider GWB a success because if you do you are delusional and I will not waste my breath on the unborn.
Romney Lover:   Ok, let's try your method. Nearly a trillion dollars in stimulus and 4 years later the economy is hardly improved. The market is back up but unemployment is down and you have a trillion dollars in the debt. Yes your shining model is a turd! Oh, I forgot it was GWBs fault. Just like it is the evil corporation for inner city poverty and crime, or all these racist white people hold down minorities or whatever else. You have no successful policies so paint the opponent as either rich or a racist. Man, have you ever had a vinyl record just keep skipping over and over and then if you put a penny on the head it pushes the needle down harder and no more skipping? Well, I wish you would put a penny on your head.
Plainsense:   Hardly improved? What planet are you on? First week in office Obama signs exec order making it mandatory wall St. and banks pay back rescue $ under Bush it was voluntary. Puts a floor underneath the second coming of Hoover Depression saves auto industry and for every one of 200,000 plus jobs in industry he saved multiply by 7 the # of jobs with suppliers and support and service industries. Romney "let them fail editorial" FACTS FACTS FACTS!  Why don’t you read something instead of watching fox cable and ignorant fat white guys?
Romney Lover:   Oh he ordered the banks to pay back their loan and cherry picked one heavily union employed industry to save. Hooray, union autoworkers over every other company out there struggling during tough times. Someday, his team of 15 appointments will decide what type of health care procedures are necessary for you, too bad you are not union, oh shit his team just pulled the plug on you in favor of a union supporter. My mind is completely color blind but relies on everyone to take responsibility for their own situation. When will you take responsibility and consider the information coming out of the Whitehouse and realize their model cannot be sustained. I don't know if vouchers are the answer, but I can tell you Government providing SS and Medicare for every senior over 65 is not a viable model. Why not offer an option for younger folks. Let them invest their own money or a portion; ease the burden a little off social security. I'm sure that pig Biden collects his check every month along with his VP pay. Oh, I bet he doesn't collect it, because they have their own system in place that they set up for retirement and health care. Hmm, doesn't that smell a little funny to you? If Obama crapped in a bag and said it was chocolate you would believe him.
Plainsense: There you go again...just look at the imagery in your above rambling run on paragraph: SS (obvious subliminal Nazi reference) constant analogy to anything scatological (e.g. “crapped") union bashing which is simply code for another type of bashing you subconsciously draw attention to out of self -hatred and need to present "front" to outside world which merely emphasizes your need to jump on a sofa on Oprah.   I can only guess you will surgically attempt to shorten your limbs to be more Cruise like.
Romney Lover:   Stop the madness. I only hope MN is invaded by health care seeking Canadians and the only person to protect you and your overweight hound is Dayton and Obama. At that point in time you will wish GWB was in your house with a line of cocaine and a full arsenal aimed at defending your freedom.
Plainsense:   You’re just lucky crazy eyes is stopping in Marshall MN with his scatter gun this weekend and not continuing west or the entire population or your state's only worthwhile resource, pheasants, might be in danger. I'll stake my rep and street cred on crazy eyes being more of a sportsman then Timothia the First whose wife routinely beat him out in fishing and hunting. Typical Republican NRA hunter, all equipment and bluster and no ability. Y'all would starve to death if Iran ever sneaks in the big one and we go back to the Stone Age.

** Postscript:  For an excellent and concise fact check summary of the VP debate see USA Today's (of all places):   Fact check: A 2nd look at Biden and Ryan claims

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