Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan and Republicans: What's Reality Got To Do With It?

Listening to Ryan and the rest of the Republicans give their soap box speeches this week  informed persons must have scratch their heads and thought:  "Just who do these imbeciles think they are fooling?"  Oh I forgot, stupid me.  The party of daily sound bytes emailed by the RNC to the entire Congressional delegation who repeat them in lockstep unity, not only lies to its own members, but learned from the Madison Avenue crowd way back in the Reagan days that if you repeat a lie enough, the ignorant, "American Idol" "Dancing with the Stars" watching masses think it equates to corroboration and believe it.

The High Priestess of this black art (no pun intended) Conde Nast(y) Rice was actually on stage last night giving a performance worthy of an Emmy.  GWB's "other wife" who misled and lied to the 911 Commission with her testimony that the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing was a "white paper" ordered by the President was worthy of a criminal charge of contempt of Congress.  I was watching her testimony and screaming wishing there was someone in charge who could force her to answer the question posed but no such luck.  Cheney and the White House lawyers had carefully negotiated the conditions of the 911 Commission for the purpose of giving the administration a pass.  (For the uninformed, Bush had over one month's warning that there were Al Queda members inside the United States and recent surveillance indicated they were engaged in activities in preparation for hijacking, to which Bush did absolutely NOTHING!)

But this two bit lying sack of sh!t of a public servant will forever be immortalized by going on all the Sunday morning Washington talk shows in the run up to the Iraq War and repeating  information which the administration knew with 100% certainty was false and then pointing to a false story they planted with a NY Times reporter as proof of it being true.  This is monstrous.  So it did not come to me as any surprise that Secretary Rice would give a speech worthy of the Democratic National Convention extolling the virtues of immigration to the bigoted Tea Baggers who have drove away a key demographic group that will spell their doom.

But Conde is old news.  What about that wunder kid, Paul "Alfalfa" Ryan.  Cryin' Ryan has been trotting out the most audacious criticism of the President without reminding the public of his position.  So when Ryan states that he is going to "save" Medicare he does not ever mention that the Ryan Budget would end the program as we know it and turn it into a voucher system leaving the elderly to fend for themselves without a safety net. had this to say about Ryan's repeated false claims concerning Medicare and the Affordable Care Act  Ryan' sVP Spin:

     "Ryan continued the campaign’s false line of attack that Obama had “funneled” money out of
       Medicare to pay for the federal health care law “at the expense of the elderly.” But that’s
       contradicted by Medicare’s chief actuary, in a statement at the end of the
        most recent report of the system’s trustees  (emphasis added): 

         Medicare Actuary, April 23, 2012: [Obama's] Affordable Care Act makes important
         changes to the Medicare program and substantially improves its financial outlook …

          Medicare’s money isn’t being taken away. The Affordable Care Act calls for slowing the
          growth in spending, a move that — if successful — would keep the hospital insurance
          trust fund solvent for longer than if the reductions didn’t happen.
          Ryan himself proposed keeping most of these same spending cuts in his most recent
         “Path to Prosperity” budget. Yet, Ryan criticized Obama’s cuts as “the biggest, coldest
           power play of all” and suggested seniors would suffer as a result.
Ryan, Aug. 29: And the biggest, coldest power play of all in Obamacare came at the expense of the elderly. … [T]hey just took it all away from Medicare, $716 billion funneled out of Medicare by President Obama.
       The Affordable Care Act calls for a $716 billion reduction in the future growth of Medicare
        spending over 10 years, with most of that — about $415 billion — coming from a reduction
        in the future growth of payments to hospitals through Medicare Part A.   And Medicare
        Part A’s trust fund, as we’ve explained before, is in trouble financially. It’s set to be insolvent
         in 2024,   even with these spending cuts. Without them, the trust fund wouldn’t be able to fully
         pay projected benefits in 2016, the Medicare trustees estimate."

Ryan talks about a GM plant closing near Janesville, a plant that candidate Obama spoke at and stated it was his hope that the plant would be around another 100 years.  The plant unfortunately did close, BEFORE President Obama took office and oh, by the way, the President's rescue of the American Auto industry has been an overwhelming success.  An American success story that Ryan opposed and Romney said he would have opposed.

Perhaps the biggest lie that is at the root of the Tea Bag movement and that has the great unwashed all stirred up over is the so called $5.8 trillion portion of the national debt the Republicans try and lay at the feet of President Obama.  The fact of the matter is about $1.6 trillion is attributable to the Obama Administration with the remainder of the $5.8 trillion attributable to the policies of the Bush Administration, namely tax cuts for the wealthy and the cost of Conde's war.

So there.  The record has been set straight .  So what's reality got to do with your plan for America Republicans?  Apparently very little.

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