Saturday, August 6, 2011

Self-Fullfilling Prophecy: S & P Lowers U.S. Credit Rating

Who says self-fullfilling prophecies don't pay? Obviously not the Republicans, specifically those of the Tea Bag variety and the American people will be paying and paying for it for years to come.

You don't like the bump upwards on the interest you pay on your home mortgage, auto loan, monthly revolving store credit? Thank the Republicans.

Now before you start mouthing the Republican talking points of "'s the Democrats and President's fault for not cutting spending more", may I remind those of you who cannot form an original, independent thought, that the President, Leader Reid and Speaker Boehner had a deal, a "grand bargain" if you will that would have provided cuts of over $4 Trillion Dollars, an amount mentioned by Standard & Poor rating service as required to stave off the possible lowering of our credit rating as a nation.

At one point you had hints from all sides that a deal was close to done several weeks ago. But what happened? A little arrogant jerk by the name of Kantor barged in on the discussions and purposely derailed a deal in the making at the behest of greatest plague to American politics since the Klan and the Know Nothings.

This all but guarantees sending the economy back into a double dip recession. So rather than be resented by your less intelligent, Republican friends by saying something like "I told you the stimulus was not enough" instead take the high road, smile and say "Thank you Tea Baggers, you got your wish".

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