Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Wisconsin: Destination Madison

Shortly after 12:30 PM at the outskirts of "Mad Town", formerly Madison, WI the Dairyland's State Capital.

We could tell we were nearing "Mad Town" from the black smoke on the eastern horizon. We've heard reports of Walker loyalists setting car tires and smudge pots afire. Against this surrealistic, Lord of the Rings war scene backdrop were coming radio updates from what has become known as Madison's Tahfir Square, aka the Capitol grounds, telling a horrific story of Walker loyalists, Tea Party Hooligans, GOP Goons, and conservative mercenaries from surrounding states, many in caravans of freshly washed, dark colored, Buick sedans, a few in BMWs and Mercedes and some even riding cows, descending on the protesters, slashing away with long kielbasas.

Luckily, members of the Education Brotherhood (and veiled Sisterhood) were there to halt the sausage onslaught. After a much deserved (at least to them) respite, the Walker loyalists regrouped at one end of the Capitol grounds, this time led by their "fearsome" leader, conservative love child/mongrel and Governor of the State of Wisconsin, the Hon. George Scott Fitz Gerald Ford Herbert Hoover Walker Bush or Scotty Walker for short.

Looking like a more effeminate version of Tim Pawlenty, what immediately strikes one when they first cast their eyes on this sprite arch conservative elf, is just how thin his wrists are. "Like a six year old girl's" one Walkerite was heard to mutter. "Yeah, and the lieder hosen doesnt make for much of a man neither...", another right wing-nut local yahoo was overheard saying.

"Well this is just pathetic...", Carter and Mondale were heard to simultaneously say, right before Carter yelled jinx and called that Mondale couldn't speak the rest of the trip (thereby saving us all from another deep sleep). Carter continued on alone, "I mean, what a pathetic excuse for a loser, out of touch, politician". Mondale nudges me and shoves a small writing tablet under my nose on which he has wrote: "Believe him, he should know!"

Hugo Chavez started to complain bitterly about a gagging, wretched stank of sulphur when in Gov. Walker's presence. By now I think that I have compiled enough information to make my conclusion about this Walker phenomena:

Just another conservative bed wetter.

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