Saturday, November 27, 2010


Not since 1985 have the Hawkeyes been handed a more devastating season ending upset then today's loss at the hands of the rebounding Golden Gopher Football program.

I remember the 1985 game and aftermath very well. Like their 2010 version, the 1985 Iowa Hawkeye Football program was flying high and heading to a post season bowl invitation to the Copper Bowl. The only thing possibly standing in the Hawkeyes way was a bad Minnesota Gopher Football team playing for nothing more than pride.

But just like their 2010 compatriots, the 1985 Gophers upset the previously high flying Hawkeyes causing a slightly inebriated law school student to run through the concourse of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome holding aloft a penny and screaming in the stunned faces of the defeated Hawkeye fans: "LOOK, LOOK YOU WEEJUNS! THIS IS THE ONLY COPPER YOU'LL BE SEEING THIS YEAR!!"

Well to all the Hawkeye fans out there including my friend Steve and co-worker Jeremy, here's old "Honest Abe" looking back at ya!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Tracker

There once was a Tea Party Tracker
who said he could find deer faster
To a couple of Twilight doe blasters

Charlie said "Look to the Right"
His wingman, Cal, said
"No it's to the Righter still"

But neither Fox News nor Charlie
Nor the man still farther Right

Could believe their ears
Much less the sight

Of the Tea Party Tracker
Triumphantly proud
Straddling his quest

"Why it was Jim, all alone
and Way out on the Left!"

c. 2010 Plainsense