Sunday, March 8, 2009

Senator Kloubachar's Courageous Recommendation For U.S. Attorney

It was announced this week that Sen. Amy Kloubachar recommended B. Todd Jones to be the next United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota.

Well I say hats off to the Senator for her excellent choice of Mr. Jones. It shows her maturity and lack of insecurity by selecting a former critic of her decision to prosecute the beloved Kirby Puckett. As an attorney, I agreed wholeheartedly with Mr. Jones' analysis of the Puckett case and then County Attorney Kloubachar's abuse of prosecution in the matter. Despite this disagreement I supported Ms. Kloubachar for Senate and she has surpassed any one's expectations with her excellent performance so far. I am so glad she did not go for a rank partisan like David Lillehaug!

Speaking of the Puckett case, I was saddened to read the comments that some ignoramus posted following the article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press announcing the Jones recommendation. For some to call Mr. Puckett a "rapist" when he was cleared by a jury of his peers of the most serious charge of false imprisonment in a case where the facts clearly showed poor judgment at least and disorderly conduct at most, was both unAmerican and appalling and clearly the remarks of a knee-jerk buffoon!

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