Sunday, March 8, 2009

BIG FAT IDIOT aka "Oxycontin Man" Challenges President to Debate

In what seemed like an excerpt to Watchman II, the graphic sequel, the spokesaddict for the Republican Party, BIG FAT IDIOT aka "Oxycontin Man" (Rush Limbaugh) was widely reported to have challenged President Obama to a debate over the economy. Although a White House spokesman politely declined to engage in this distraction from the serious problems facing the nation, the real reason was that the President refuses to engage in a battle of wits with a defenseless man.

Senator Kloubachar's Courageous Recommendation For U.S. Attorney

It was announced this week that Sen. Amy Kloubachar recommended B. Todd Jones to be the next United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota.

Well I say hats off to the Senator for her excellent choice of Mr. Jones. It shows her maturity and lack of insecurity by selecting a former critic of her decision to prosecute the beloved Kirby Puckett. As an attorney, I agreed wholeheartedly with Mr. Jones' analysis of the Puckett case and then County Attorney Kloubachar's abuse of prosecution in the matter. Despite this disagreement I supported Ms. Kloubachar for Senate and she has surpassed any one's expectations with her excellent performance so far. I am so glad she did not go for a rank partisan like David Lillehaug!

Speaking of the Puckett case, I was saddened to read the comments that some ignoramus posted following the article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press announcing the Jones recommendation. For some to call Mr. Puckett a "rapist" when he was cleared by a jury of his peers of the most serious charge of false imprisonment in a case where the facts clearly showed poor judgment at least and disorderly conduct at most, was both unAmerican and appalling and clearly the remarks of a knee-jerk buffoon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unconditional Support For An Embattled Colleague and Good Person

Late last week it was reported that Twin Cities attorney Al Garcia was being held in jail pending charges that he allegedly attempted to accept meth in partial payment for representing an accused drug dealer. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported some of the allegations as follows:

"...A man indicted in a federal drug case contacted authorities Feb. 19 after Garcia, of Minnetonka, offered to represent him in exchange for drugs and the motorcycle.

On Monday, when the defendant met with Garcia, he told him that the motorcycle was worth $19,000 and that he had additional cash and could provide him with "some incentive," which was understood to be meth. They agreed the defendant's relative would handle "getting the stuff together."

The next day, the relative met with Garcia at a Coon Rapids residence, where authorities conducted surveillance. The two talked about the defendant and paying Garcia. The relative laid out four clear bags, each containing about an ounce of meth. But Garcia said he couldn't "have anything to do with that" and left.
On Wednesday, Garcia called the relative, who told him he had the motorcycle title, $800 in cash and "the incentive for representation." Later that day, about 8:50 p.m., authorities saw a Cadillac pull up to the previous day's meeting spot. Garcia and a woman — later identified as Iverson, of Sartell, Minn. — went inside.

There, the relative showed them the title, cash and two clear plastic bags containing meth. After having the meth put in a paper bag, Iverson put it inside the front of her pants. She and Garcia left, the complaint states.

Authorities, who recorded the meeting by audio and videotape, arrested them at their vehicle. The paper bag was in the car.

If convicted, the two each face up to 30 years in prison...."

After reviewing the self-righteous comments posted by readers, I added my two cents worth:

As a criminal defense attorney with plenty of experience with the various state "drug task forces" and the conduct of its members (omitted, perjured testimony et al) and knowing Mr. Garcia, I'll withhold judgment until I know more of the facts and take into consideration the source for the allegations. Remember Tulia, Texas. There is a reason that the State of Texas abolished their so called "drug task force".

To see all of the comments posted by readers of the Pioneer Press article: