Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coleman's Call for a Cease Fire on Negative Ads: Earnest Epiphany or Cynical Conversion

Just as new stories of Norm Coleman's lavish trips and gifts from wealthy Republican booster Nasser Kazeminy (e.g. open account at Men's clothing department at Neiman Marcus) are hitting the national media and half-truth, non-denials are reported by the very best, seasoned and serious local news reporters, Norm Coleman calls for an end to negative ads by all camps. This is like Hitler calling for a cease-fire as the Russians have Berlin surrounded.

Sorry Norm, it just doesn't work that way. You cannot run false and misleading ads purporting to portray Al Franken as "angry" when in fact the video of Al Franken jumping up and down waiving his finger in actuality is to a heartwarming story about Paul Wellstone the Dad cheering on his son in a cross-country meet. In perhaps the most devastating t.v. ad to run yet in the Senate contest, the Franken campaign lays bare the deceit of the Coleman campaign, even if it is on what should be a non-issue, that Al Franken is, God forbid, "Angry"!

Judge for yourself the timing of Norm's non-negativity conversion: see Ken Silverstein's well documented October 6, 2008 article in Harper's Magazine entitled "Senator Norm Coleman Gets by with a Little Help From His Friends" and Eric Black's October 9, 2008 article at entitled "Does a GOP contributor buy Norm Coleman's clothes? Some perspective" at

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