Thursday, September 4, 2008

P.O.W. Status, Bad Judjment, Quick Temper and Inexperience Do Not A President Make & Wishin' It Don't Make It So

God bless John McCain for his military service and misfortune for being a prisoner of war. But prisoner status should never be confused with job qualifications or there would be approximately 50% of all African American males between the ages of 18 and 35 qualified to be President of the United States and I just can't see the Alabama and South Carolina delegations to the Republican National Convention conceding this point.

Next is the huge question of sound judgment. Seriously, in your heart of hearts, does this country really need four more years of the quick tempered, ego-driven, knee-jerk judgment of the Bush foreign policy? The cold facts are that McCain followed the Bush policies, foreign and domestic, well over 90% of the time. On every big issue, whether it was going to war, caving in to big pharma, big oil and defense contractors, John McCain was walking hand in hand with President Bush like he was some kind of Saudi Sultan.

David Brooks, the New York Times shill for the Republican Lite brand has worn this analogy out, (but I repeat it here for all the RE-PUB-LI-CANS out there who ever since the Reagan years think that if you repeat a lie over and over and over again it becomes reality, like supply side works, Democrats are the tax and spenders, Iraq had something to do with 911, they hate us for our freedom, etc...)there are those who captain and steer the aircraft carrier and those who take off from it. McCain is definitely a fly boy and not a cool and collected captain. This country, with all the serious and complicated problems left behind for it by the departing administration, like a teenager leaves dirty clothes and wet towels on the bathroom floor, really needs someone to pick-up the dirty clothes and do the washing not just walk over it on their way out the door or taking off from the deck.

We have a big f---ing mess on our hands people, if anyone who has bothered to turn off American Idol, Big Bother or Duncing with the Starrs would know. Now I will try real hard not to cast dispersions here, but if you really believe that a woman who supported and encouraged the corrupt congressional delegation led by the likes of Terrible Ted Stevens, who were head and shoulders the biggest recipients of pork barrel per capita and now claims to be the one to clean up Washington and "drain the swamp" you really have to be stupid or perhaps related to a pitbull with lipstick aka third rate sportscaster with big hair.

Our way out of the desert both literally and figuratively will not be lead by apostates prone to vicious ad hominem attacks and appeals to base instincts, but rather, it will come from the calm studying of the facts surrounding our problems, including the historical roots which lead up to them. A truly wise leader will then have a robust and intellectual discussion of the issues with qualified and respected advisers, scholars, leaders and allies, of all viewpoints, and then and only then will he or she make sound policy and decisions.

The record (e,g, someone who is prone to abuse of official power, such as trying to fire one's former brother-in-law) clearly calls into question the person's fitness to hold the highest office in the land and be the chief law enforcer where the temptation to cut corners and rationalize illegal conduct will be immense while in office.

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