Monday, February 4, 2008

“Uncounted": NOT the Celluloid Equivalent of Yelling Fire In A Crowded Theater

Yesterday, 1/30/08, my sister invited me to attend with her the Minnesota premiere of “Uncounted, the New Math of American Elections" by David Earnhardt at the Riverview Theater in South Minneapolis (see

Although I was aware of many of the issues raised by the documentary, I was unaware of the lack of action in response to these issues. This is surprising and very troubling in light of all the problems experienced in the last four election cycles.

I am not a conspiracy theorist nor a fringe political junkie, but rather a mainstream Minnesotan and attorney and greatly troubled by the issues and uncontroverted facts highlighted in the film. The discrepancy between exit polls and eventual vote tallies alone demands greater scrutiny by the mainstream press.

Please use your voice and whatever privileged bully pulpit you may have to seek answers and demand change on behalf of all citizens. The integrity of our voting system is NOT a partisan issue. If democracy and the legitimacy of our political system means anything to you, YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM! Thank you for your consideration.

*Originally published 1/31/08 on blogspot Prairie Fire by Plainsense c. 2008

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