Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Man & His Word: John McCain and Campaign Finance Limits

Just as the New York Times article was surfacing detailing Sen. McCain’s relationship with a female lobbyist, a relationship that was apparently so troubling to his own campaign staff in election year 2000, that one of them met with the woman and asked her to back-off; we also hear that the GOP’s self-proclaimed paragon of straight talk and virtue is backing off his pledge to abide by campaign finance limitations.

You’ve got to be kidding. You mean to tell me that Senator McCain is refusing to abide by the very same campaign finance limitations co-authored by none other than himself? Mr. Straight Talk Express? Well, remember McCain/Feingold? It’s not some kind of gentile/Jew vaudeville act, you know Senator.

Talk about “Slick Willie” all you want but this has got to be the Mother of All Hypocrisies. At least Bill Clinton did not go around billing himself as a straight shooter. What you felt is what you got from President Clinton; whether it was the business end of his cigar or all over your blue dress.

Senator McCain, for all his talk about duty and honor, now seems to be of the opinion: “duty and honor, yes, but only when it is to my benefit”. Well, as an actor who played an Army Colonel for a M*A*S*H unit on t.v. once said: “Oh, Horse Hockey!”

Question: What can a man freely give away yet always keep for himself?

Answer: His Word.

Word to you Senator McCain, my Brother!

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