Monday, February 4, 2008

Giants Kill Patriot Act

Finally, a game worthy of the name and hype. While I was rooting for the underdogs throughout, I would have been happy for ex-Viking Randy Moss and Gopher great Laurence Maroney had the Patriots pulled it out.

Now my friends out in Providence know how we felt in Minnesota in 1998 when the Vikings' great, 15-1 regular season team lost to Atlanta in the NFC championship game. (A game Greg and I watched at Pat O'Brien's Bar in New Orleans the day following Roomful's show at the House of Blues.)

Eli Manning was certainly worthy of the game MVP. Manning's cool leadership under pressure made Brady look like the rookie and Eli the seasoned all-pro rather than vice versa. A collective MVP should go out to the Giants defensive unit for their ferocious pass rush and spectacular secondary play. Play of the game goes to the immaculate, helmet reception.

There'll be a high time in the Big Apple tonite! Hopefully Mayor Blomberg won't take this as some kind of divine sign from above and enter the race. After all, two New York Miracles are enough! (Remember Hillary's come from behind win in New Hampshire?)

*Originally published 2/03/08 on blogspot Prairie Fire by Plainsense c. 2008

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