Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sen. Warren Speaking for All Americans In Telling GOP Senators: "Do Your Job!"

Whatever your political persuasion, if you are an American citizen and care about the future of our country, you must watch Sen. Elizabeth Warren's heartfelt and impassioned plea to her Republican colleagues to take a step back and realize the damage they have done to their party, democracy and the country.  The Republicans are reaping the consequences of their actions and only have themselves to blame for the grotesque slate of leading GOP candidates for the presidency.

While it is easy, convenient and incredibly short sighted as well as the ultimate act of hubris for the Republicans to continue to believe their own press and live in denial, especially when they are drunk off the adulation of the Cracker Barrel bonobos that make up the tea party i.e. mainstream of the party these days.  But it doesn't take a Nostradamus or charlatan like Edgar "enema" Cayce to foretell the thumping the party of hate and obstruction is going to receive in this November's presidential election.  Furthermore, with the changing demographics in the electorate, this could very well mark the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as a viable force in national elections, but you know what, they will only have themselves to blame!

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