Monday, November 17, 2014

Billionaire Stanley Hubbard Gives Neanderthals A Bad Name While His News Station KSTP Is Laughing Stock Of the Industry

Billionaire bigot (or at a minimum, tone deaf and insensitive) Stanley Hubbard went on Minnesota Public Radio last Friday to defend the indefensible, his lame station's shoddy journalism covering a nonevent and being used as a pawn in the Minneapolis Police Union's war on Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges.  See and listen:

Note that Hubbard blatantly lies in the interview repeatedly stating that they just reported the news as reported to them by multiple law enforcement agencies.  Absolutely false.  The two people quoted in the story are John Delmonico, the person who brought the matter to the attention of KSTP.  Delmonico, although a Minneapolis police officer, was acting in his capacity as President of the Minneapolis Police Union.  A police union is not a law enforcement agency.

Most crucial from a journalistic standpoint, the mayor and the police union are at war because the mayor had the audacity to concede in an open letter to the community that in the past, actions of some officers were such that did not always engender trust in communities, namely minorities and communities of color. Hardly an earth shattering revelation but enough for the police union to start a propaganda campaign against the mayor.  It was in this environment and context that Delmonico handed the story to KSTP.  This should have set off alarm bells at any competent newsroom.

But Hubbard was emphatic that they were told the ridiculous conclusion that the mayor was throwing down gang signs from multiple law enforcement agencies.  As far as I can tell from their reporting, KSTP's only other form of corroboration came  from a so called expert, a retired cop, from that denizen of street gang activity Omaha, Nebraska.  Hardly what one would call a law enforcement agency.

But Hubbard, in a fit on anger, during his interview with Minnesota Public Radio, showed his true colors with his "I am not a racist I have a black friend" logic by pointing out his news station was the first in Minnesota to have a black anchor.  I guess in Stanley Hubbard's world that gives him and his station the right to suspend all notions of credible, good journalism and make fools of themselves.  To this I can only remind Mr. Hubbard that all plantations had its slaves or put another way even billionaires make mistakes and when they do, have the good sense and humility to admit it.

 But don't take my word on it, watch how Jon Stewart dealt with the topic last week on the Daily Show

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