Friday, May 16, 2014

The Why: Semi-Twang and the What For: Great Live Music The Where: Lees Liquor Village, Minneapolis

If the GPS on my handheld device wasn't there to remind me I am in Minneapolis, I might think I was in Austin, Memphis or New Orleans.  Last night the Blasters were at Lees Liquor Village and  tonite Lees is on a roll with the long hoped for return of Semi-Twang.  For the uninitiated, John Seiger's band, Semi-Twang out of Milwaukee, was one of the most tasteful and talented bands to come out of the upper Midwest.

Seiger along with his brother Mike were original members in the great R n B Cadets (Along with Paul Cebar and Robyn Pluer) before breaking off to head west in the late 1980's with a great album Salty Tears.  With the release in March of only their third album in roughly 25 years, this is a rare chance to catch one of America's best underexposed bands.  Cheers.

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