Tuesday, February 11, 2014

KSTP's Beth McDonough* Reports On Hubbard Broadcasting's Latest Shit Canning: Rusty "The Great Gatsby" Gatenby


In a characteristic display of Hubbard Broadcasting loyalty and concern for a beloved employee with over 30 years of service to the company, KSTP confirmed today it has shit canned Traffic/Hollywood Reporter  Rusty "The Great Gatsby" Gatenby.  Reporting live on this breaking story we go to KSTP's answer to Edward R. Murrow, Beth "Hold Nothing Back" McDonough:

"That's right,  Rusty "The Great Gatsby" Gatenby, said he did not feel up to another on camera interview but in talking with him just a little bit ago he was holding nothing back":

Gatenby:  "Stan Hubbard is the biggest co@%sucking motherf#c%ing tightwad of a Grinch who stole Christmas if there ever was one!!  I can't wait to p!$$ on his grave!  30 years of my motherf#c%ing life and this is how they treat a loyal employee at a time when he is most in need of support.  The co@%sucker said I was like the red headed stepchild he always wished he never had! I'll kill that senile old son of a b!t@h..."

McDonough:  "Well there you have it.  Now for a photo montage we stole off Rusty's Facebook page without his permission I give you KSTP's tribute to the life and career of  Rusty "The Great Gatsby" Gatenby:

The early years:

Rusty Gatenby fishing on his bicycle:

And sadly, whenever you have a meteoric rise to being a Traffic/Hollywood Reporter for the last place local television station in the country's 15th largest market you can go from this

to this:

The spectacular crash and burnout when all that glitz and glamour is gone, this is all that remains.

"This is Beth "the mugger without pearls" McDonough reporting live for KSTP on Rusty "The Great Gatsby" Gatenby who was holding nothing back."


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