Saturday, October 26, 2013

Walker's Enemies List: Tea Party and Walkerites Exact Revenge In A Most UnAmerican Way

If I were to tell anyone over 50 years of age that a politician was keeping an enemies list, using his elected office and the power of the executive branch of government to exact revenge on not only political opponents but also upon anyone who has ever questioned a policy of that elected official and even those merely suspected of ever disagreeing with them, and you would say "Richard Nixon" and I would say good guess, but no.

"Tailgunner Joe?" you would say referring to infamous Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy whose self-aggrandizing witch hunt for communists in and outside government and resulting "blacklists" were among the lowest of low points in the history of civil and individual rights violations in this country, and I would say you are getting  colder.  McCarthyism was orchestrated from the legislative branch of government  and earlier in time.

I am referring to the practice of current Wisconsin Governor Scotty Walker and his cadre of ultra right wing Republicans and Tea Baggers that use the list of signatures on the petitions to recall Governor Walker from a few years ago as the ultimate enemies list.  In an excellent segment on this weeks episode of the radio documentary, WBEZ's "This American Life", entitled "There's a Signed Line Between Love and Hate."
contributor Ben Calhoun tells a riveting story of people like Josh Inglett and Judge Tom Wolfgram, just two of approximately 30 loyal Republicans who were vilified and thrown under the bus by the Republican's version of the Brownshirts.  Also on

Just another sorry chapter in the book of misdeeds for this sorry excuse for a politician named Scotty "I wet the bed" Walker.

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