Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Now You're Messing with a Son of a Fitch

Just as John Ashcroft used every last bit of strength to  raise himself off his bed in the ICU at Georgetown Hospital, prop himself up on his elbows and tell the Bush/Cheney staffers sent to collect his sign off to illegal wiretapping an emphatic "NO!", so I leave my sick bed of the last three days to monitor the dire situation unfolding in the nation's capitol.

The hypocrisy of the so called party of the fiscal conservatives has always been well known to those who pay attention (e.g. prior to the the GWB Great Recession of 2007 the biggest deficit spenders in history were Reagan and GWB).  But hypocrisy has reached new heights in D.C. as the "New Republicans", the hostage taking, ransom demanding, spoilt little children known as the Tea Baggers have played chicken with a Democratic controlled Senate and a moderate President who has been publicly saying he was willing to have constructive discussions aimed at improving the Affordable Care Act for nearly 2 years now.

So how are the nattering nabobs of negativity doing saving us, the American people, money?  CBS News reported yesterday that the government shutdown has cost the economy some $22 Billion to date and the higher interest rate paid by the Government on just one small issuance of bonds amounted to another $20 million Dollars.  But the biggest repercussion of all, the announcement yesterday by the rating service Fitch that they were putting the U.S. AAA bond rating under review for a possible downgrade should send shivers up the spines of all rational actors.  Unfortunately, when discussing the "New Republicans" we are not dealing with rational actors which almost makes one yearn for the old days of two bit actors of the Reagan kind.

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