Sunday, September 15, 2013

Disrespectful and Wasting Other Peoples Time: 911 Conspiracy Crowd Need to Become Gainfully Employed or Volunteer Their Time to Legitimate Causes

I really hate to draw any attention to these nitwits but they really piss me off with their stubborn refusal to approach questions using the scientific method and cherry picking the same, long discredited theories and selective use of  only photographs, video and evidence that supports their industry, CONSPIRACY.  If you don't believe its an industry, I've got a money grubbin' former Governor I'd like to sell you. 

This week's edition of the City Pages has a full page ad on the inside back page trotting out the same, long discredited talking points and false choice logic but relabeled as and paid for by "Minnesota 9/11 Truth", the disrespectful and Wasting Other Peoples Time crowd that needs to either become gainfully employed , volunteer their time to the multitude of legitimate, constructive charities and nonprofits out there or find some other constructive use of their time.

It takes only a few seconds to do a google search to find numerous sites that point by point destroy the false arguments of the disrespectful time wasters and lead you to legitimate news and government sites with original source content.  Here are just a couple of the sites the conspiracy industry would rather you not read:

I had to laugh when I saw the title of the conspiracy theorists full page ad "SHHHHH...dont mention the third building" because a good editor would have caught the excessive verbiage and shortened the title to simply "SHHHHHIT" because that is all these cracker barrel bonobos peddle.

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