Sunday, September 29, 2013

Deliberate Economic Sabotage: Cruz, Republicans and Tea Party Resort to Terrorist Tactics

Ted Cruz, the blithering idiot of a Senator from the 269,420 square miles that surround the City of Austin, is going to get his masochistic dreams fulfilled as the Congress, more specifically the Republican controlled House, forces a government shutdown.  Barring some last minute miracle, the pointless and entirely unnecessary shutdown of the federal government will have the highly predictable effect of spreading uncertainty, remember that word  Mr. Cruz and the pack of hyenas that are the Republican congressional delegation, UNCERTAINTY!

With uncertainty will come the predictable downturn in the economy and upheaval in the markets.  Real people in red states and blue states are going to lose their jobs.

"But wait a second", you say, "I thought the Republicans were supposed to be the party that supports business and the middle class?"  Ha!  Big business and the ultra rich,  Hell Yes, the Republicans are all in. The notion that the Republicans promote policies that favor the middle class is simply rhetoric.  How much evidence do the cracker barrel bonobos that comprise the majority of voters in the red states need?  The last forty years are not enough?

It does not take a Nobel prize winning economist to figure out  the economic ramifications of the Republicans' childish and self-destructive behavior in forcing a government shutdown.  The hypocrisy and stupidity of the modern day know nothings, the Tea Baggers and Republicans is mind numbing.  Why on God's green earth would a political party responsible for controlling the Unites States House of Representatives pursue the  tactics of the same people who caused 911 which in this instance furthers the same goal of disrupting the U.S. economy?  Grow up America and do the responsible thing and vote demagogues who place personal and party ambitions over the good of the country out of office.

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