Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Silent Sentinels to Walker's Injustice: Permits? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' PERMITS!!!

A good friend and former colleague of mine sent me this editorial he wrote for the enemy state's widest circulation newspaper.  In a break from the  long standing policy of this site not to disseminate falsehoods or promote the bully tactics of the effete elite, I relent on this one occasion on the condition that I can add my editorial enhancements.  Plain Sense


 Capitol police are right (Police right? Yeah, right.)

Although I side with the Capitol rotunda sing-alongers' goals (With friends like you who needs Republicans?), I am forced to agree with conservatives that their means are self-centered, juvenile and, ultimately, ineffective.
As an attorney, (Look whose self-centered now, I mean come on , give me a break, at the rate we're going pretty soon everyone will be a flipping attorney.  Whoop tee doo.), it greatly frustrates me (if you think you're frustrated ...he's my friend remember)when my fellow citizens (Who is this guy, LBJ?)invoke constitutional rights that they do not fully understand. Time, manner and place restrictions on free speech rights have been in place for decades.
William Conley, the federal judge who upheld the permit requirement for groups over 20 people, is no puppet of Gov. Scott Walker. This is, after all, the same judge who granted a restraining order preventing implementation of Wisconsin's admitting privilege requirement restriction on abortion providers. Facts can be detestable little creatures (author a big Lady Gaga fan no doubt).
Although press members and mere witnesses should never be arrested, I cannot bring myself to even feign outrage that the very young, elderly, firefighters, politicians or others who actually participate without a valid permit are cited. Outrage would be appropriate if the Capitol police chose not to arrest certain classes of people based on age or profession.  (You miss the whole point my friend, Walker did not like the content of the message so he changed the rules by executive order to require a permit to assemble in the house of the people, the Wisconsin capitol.  When 22 instead of the maximum number of 20 assembled the Walker private Pinkerton army aka capitol security manhandled and used excessive force on 70 year old ladies who were doing nothing more than singing.}
But my chief complaint is that the sing-along seems to exist merely for its own sake. Name a policy that Walker has changed or backed down from due to these tone-deaf crooners. The off-key singing does nothing but distract from the larger social issues at hand.
In Minnesota, the DFL showed real organization and political leadership in legalizing gay marriage. This was accomplished by the people, through their elected representatives, not by court mandate. Information and ideas were spread door to door, over the telephone, via social media and, yes, through organized protests.
Protest if you can, sing if you must, but above all, be effective. The "Capitol Crooners" could learn a thing or two about the last bit from your neighbors to the west.

Shortly after Walker's version of the Tiananmen Square Massacre two Steve Earle fans conducted their own  protest:  

Silent Sentinels to Walker's Injustice:  Permits?  WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' PERMITS!!!

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