Saturday, July 6, 2013

Who Helped Bring Down the Berlin Wall: JFK, Lech Walesa, Pope John Paul II, Gorbachev, the German People and ...Springsteen!

Say What?  That's right all you Hip Hop Abs fans.  "Forget David Hasselhoff," says Erik Kirschbaum, author of Rocking the Wall, referring to the actor-singer whose single Looking for Freedom was No 1 in West Germany in the spring of 1989 – and who famously claimed he brought down the Berlin Wall. "Unlike Springsteen, Hasselhoff didn't go to East Berlin to perform...".   Despite what millions of Red State Americans have been spoon fed to believe, the role of a certain senile, but affable, Mommy fixated President has been grossly overestimated.  I mean, come on, do you really believe that Rotten Ronnie politely calling for the wall to come down a year before it happened was cause and effect:?  If so I have pieces of a certain bridge collapse er, I mean wall to sell to you.
"The highlight of Springsteen's four-hour concert, in which he played a total of 32 songs, was undoubtedly a passionate speech, delivered in a creaky but understandable German, that carried a subtle but clear political message. "I'm not here for any government. I've come to play rock'n'roll for you in the hope that one day all the barriers will be torn down," he said to a crowd that erupted, before he launched into Bob Dylan's Chimes of Freedom, whose lyrics – about the "city's melting furnace … with faces hidden while the walls were tightening" – could hardly have resonated more with his captive audience, many of whom the crowd waved homemade American flags."
To read more on the concert that helped change the world:

The night Bruce Springsteen played East Berlin – and the wall cracked

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