Sunday, July 21, 2013

"We Have to Deal with this In an Honest and Open Manner": Non Leader John Boehner's Attempt at Standup Comedy

Just when you thought that the obstructionist Republican House could not sink any lower comes House Speaker John Boehner's over the top appearance on CBS' Face the Nation.  Apparently oblivious to the harm their policies are causing the economy, an economy that would well be on the way to a full recovery be it not for their intentional sabotage for party gain at the detriment of the nation, Boehner's full throated, primary endorsement speech to the Fox News crowd was devoid of any semblance of reality or rationality.

It was clear from Boehner's performance, for that's what it was a performance, a kabuki dance to keep the far right, the birthers, tea baggers and Paulites of his party off his back.  The way Boehner refused to answer any of Bob Schieffer's substantive questions, talked around and flat out refused to address the questions posed was reminiscent of Hubert Humphrey, but unlike Humphrey, often called the “Happy Warrior”, the ill intent  and malevolence for his fellow Americans came through loud and  clear.

If you have not already figured it out America, the choice is clear.  This country is headed in only one of two diametrically opposed directions.  We can either act like grown-ups, take politics for what it is, the art of compromise and concessions where everyone gives up their perfect ideal or we are headed for a right wing oligarchy headed by the ultra-rich and the fundamentalist branch of Christianity  that worships materialism and self-aggrandizement over charity and helping the less fortunate.  

Demographics are in favor of the Democrats, moderates and pragmatists.  The only question is how much damage are the majority of Americans willing to allow the right wing ideologues to inflict upon this country as part of their scorched earth policy on their way out.

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