Monday, November 12, 2012

He's the One at 51!

The Great Roll Call
"She's the One" but today I turn 51 and taking my two kids to see the greatest rock n roll band the & E Street Band Thanks Pete!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


What will Tag, Blip, Ditto, Dot, Rainbow, Blitzkreig and Xyklon do now their Dad is a complete failure? 


Friday, November 2, 2012

A Nickel And A Nail (In Romney's Chances)

They say good things come in threes.  Just a week ago I am fairly certain that the President would have been happy with just one lousy break, as in "What does a guy gotta do around here to catch a break?"  But just as things seemed to be spiraling out of control and thoughts of a Romney victory were beginning to look less like the desperate dreams of the lunatic fringe and more like a distinct possibility, it happened.  The proverbial game changer.

Just like the Protestant Wind swept in and destroyed enough of the Spanish Armada to sufficiently weaken it setting up the English victory at the Battle of Gravelines and saving Queen Elizabeth I's England, Hurricane Sandy swept past Florida and hit the Jersey Shoreline as hard as Snooki got punched in the bar stopping Romney's momentum in the polls and in the minds of the American people.  Unlike Snooki's one punch KO, Romney's campaign was hit by a flurry of blows, anyone of which was stunning in and of itself, but the combination of so many shots in quick succession may be too staggering for Romney/Ryan to recover from.

First it was the endorsement from Republican, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Colin Powell.  Powell's endorsement is particularly devastating considering that he is one of the few and maybe only former high profile Bush Administration cabinet member who retains a favorable public opinion and reputation for candor  and honesty.  Then even more amazing, at least to me, was the cooperation and candor of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who praised and continues to praise the Obama Administration's handling of the storm and its aftermath.

So there is three good things and you are thinking the good luck streak is over when former Republican, now independent, Mayor of New York and America's Jewish Mother, Michael Bloomberg endorses the President and rubbed the noses of the know nothing Conservative Republicans whose mantra has long been that Global Warming is a hoax.

All the while candidate Willard is a voice in the wilderness , too remote for the public to hear or even care.

So that's four, what about the fifth punch?  The nickel was the revelation that there was little or no delay in responding to the storming of the Libyan "Embassy", and the nail in Romney's chance of ever becoming President came this morning in the form of the October economic and job numbers which were better than expected and showed slow but steady progress.  Forward.