Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Candidates, StartYour Engines: Who Was That Guy in the Mitt Suit Last Night?

Who was that shy, needy girl dressed up like Mitt Romney debating the President last night?  Willard, you of all people, should be the last one to criticize the President about an"Apology Tour" after last night's performance!  Jeez, talk about being b----slapped and set straight.  Listening to the Third Presidential Debate  replay on the radio, without having to look at Mitt, mugging like a male model, really allows you to focus on the content of their message and the President had by far the superior message.

As I started to drift away on Mitt's mellifluous musings, I kept getting so startled by what I heard I kept having to put on my glasses to see if I could see just who the hell this person was that was saying all these moderate things.  There was only one thing I was sure of , and that was it sure as hell wasn't the Willard Romney who I watched in all those Republican Primary debates.  Whatever happened to that Macho Mormon Man who use to openly boast at debates that he was  "severely conservative" and that the undocumented should "self-deport"?  Did he ditch the Tea Party, Birthers, Birchers, Koch Brothers and Neo-Cons somewhere on the way to the debate like they were a bad date?

Wait a second...his real name is Willard, he was all of a sudden pleasant and agreeable?  "Fun to be around?"  You don't think, it couldn't be... A History Channel 2 episode of "Cowboys and Aliens"?  Nah.  "Invasion of the Body Snatchers?"  Perhaps.  Could it be that it was the real Willard, Willard Scott, our favorite DC weatherman, dressed up in the Mitt suit last night?  You just never know.

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