Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Pre-Debate Debate: Plainsense vs. Romney Lover II

Due to the overwhelming response of our readers who could not get enough of the carnage known as Plainsense vs. Romney Lover I, tonight the Great Roll Call brings to you as part of its Pre-Debate Coverage, Plainsense vs. Romney Lover II, the second in its ongoing series of surrogate Presidential Debates. 

Without further adieu I bring to you your host Plainsense and his confused, irrational, mean spirited, Tea Bagger, suburbanite, Republican opponent, Romney Lover. 

Tonight's topic for debate:  Charitable Giving.

Plainsense: Some random thoughts on charitable giving. As a Christian, I truly believe in the Bible's teaching that among the concepts of ", hope and charity ... the greatest of these is charity" Corinthians 13:13

Romney LoverIs it wrong of me to think by paying taxes I am supporting a charity and therefore, I don't have to give to anyone else? You know what, I'm going to start calling Obama "Robin Hood." He wants to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Judges:  Advantage Plainsense.

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