Wednesday, October 17, 2012

President Wins Split Decision in WrestleMania II

You knew that the second of three Presidential Debates between the incumbent, President Barak Obama and his challenger Willard "Mitt" Romney would be unlike any other Presidential Debate in history when former Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich entered the ring in a sequined tuxedo, a microphone was lowered  from the lighting scaffold and and the pint sized leftist announced in his high pitched squeal:  "Are you Ready to R-U-M-B-L-E?" 

Reich, looking alot like Tattoo, the former Fantasy Island star, Herve Villechaize in his pint sized tuxedo, was greeted by the crowd with a hail storm of empty beer cans and bottles, a mixture of green Genesee Cream Ale cans and brown Genesse Fyfe & Drum and 12 Horse Ale bottles which quickly buried the runt.

After an undercard that featured a battle royale of Congressional leaders that came down to"chinless" Mitch McConnel succumbing to a submission hold by the surprisingly scrappy and Nappy Nancy "La la Palooza" Pelosi, the level of anticipation and excitement rose to a near frenzy as the main event's combatant's entered the ring.  A pre-debate coin toss determined that the President would go "skins" allowing Willard the Contender to wear his customary sacred undergarments aka oversized grey woolen longjohns.

After a heartfelt sermon punctuated by an expletive filled Homily delivered by a near comatose Pastor to the Presidents, Billy Graham, the combatants met at center ring where the evening's pugnacious referee, the troll like "Candy Corn" Crowley checked each wrestler for foreign objects.  Finding an empty wine bottle hidden in Willard's sacred undergarments, a souvenir, no doubt, leftover from Mitt's missionary work in France while dodging the Viet Nam war draft, the ogre-like Crowley chastised the pride of the tabernacle to fight fair...(to be continued)

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