Friday, October 26, 2012

Kurt Bills Gets It 25% Right In Only TV AD Buy

I don't know what I'm more surprised about, mentioning non-candidate Kurt Bills within 10 days of Election Day or that he got something right, albeit only about 25% right.

Here's what Bills got right:  There is a HUGE scandal over at the Hennepin County Attorneys Office.  The scandal is over the Hennepin County Attorney not prosecuting perhaps the most serious of all crimes in a nation governed by a constitutional form of government.  The Hennepin County Attorney refused to prosecute the case in the face of such overwhelming evidence even comic strip attorney Steve Dallas of Doonesbury fame could win a conviction against this band of heinous criminals.

But that's where it ends for non-candidate Bills, he gets nothing else right or even remotely close.  The scandal does not involve former Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, but rather it involves current Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.  The scandal does not involve Minnesota Ponzie King Tom Petters, but rather criminals infinitely times more dangerous and corrupt.  Yes I am talking about the largest criminal syndicate in Minnesota State history:  the Metro Gang Strike Force.

If Mike Freeman had any moral, ethical or honorable cells left in his criminally cancerous carcass, he would either reopen his investigation and win prosecutions against these armed and dangerous felons who are putting the lives of all Minnesotans in danger on a daily basis or he should at least have the guts to resign.

So non-candidate Bills, if you are going to blow your wad and entire campaign war chest on your only TV ad buy of the election, at least get it all right, not just a quarter.

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