Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chip Cravaack Pimps His Father for a Lie: The $700 or $716 Billion Republican Lie About Medicare Will Backfire in the Internet Age

From Paul "Alfalfa" Ryan to Chip "What'd you expect me to do, you moron" Cravaack, the Rebublican candidates this election cycle keep shamelessly repeating the lie that the Obama Administration will steal or rob the Medicare program of $700 or $716 Billion dollars and give it to "Obama Care".  I keep scratching my head and wondering why an organization with as much media manipulation savvy as the evil Madison Avenuers over at the RNC would make this thoroughly discredited lie the center piece of their strategy this election?  A lie so blatantly false that the best fact check source to disprove it is Congressman Ryan's own proposed budget which uses the exact, very same $716 Billion anticipated savings, to pay down the Bush deficits. 

To add insult to injury, I just had the displeasure of viewing perhaps the most shameful add in American political history:  Chipper Cravaacks' new ad where he pimps his own father for a lie.  Why?  Why would someone use their own father in the most pandering and shameful way all over a narration which is a blatant f___ing lie? 

Then it dawned on me, this is all they got.  "What?", you ask.  Hold on now, bear with me, put on your evil Madison Avenue "sell cigarettes and death" to the American people dunce hats, got in on now?  Good.  Now just think back and remember the Reagan playbook.  If you repeat a lie enough, the stupid, lazy, American Idol/Survivor watching Red State Americans who get their "news" from Fox and Clear Channel affiliates will believe it.  Why would they believe it?  Because those sources do not adhere to basic journalistic principles.  So when the facts do not fit your narrative, don't change your narrative instead manipulate, lie, pimp your own father out because in the short term it may work.  Remember the Iraq War?  Sure you do.

The Republicans knew they were dead meat this election cycle because of one huge issue Medicare and the Ryan Budget which calls for ending Medicare, the third rail in American politics, and replacing it with a privatized "voucher" system much like GWB's proposal following the 2004 election to privatize Social Security.  There is now almost universal acceptance, and I say almost because there are still those ignorant, dumb ideologically driven Tea Baggers and Republicans who exist in an alternative universe and actually believe their own lies, that the Bush plan would have been disastrous in light of the financial meltdown in 2007-08. 

But why would you draw attention to an issue that hurts you, especially since you have no solution to the problem and your rhetoric is predicated on a lie?  As incredible as this may sound, the Reagan/Republican playbook calls for going long, the political equivalent to a hail Mary.  Instead of taking on an issue honestly, an issue you don't care about since you're rich and have got yours, you demonize, trivialize and flat out lie about it.  Instead of running away from it since you cannot possibly win on the facts and logic, you double down, make the face of killing off Medicare your Vice President nominee and run with what you brung, a lie.

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