Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Great Roll Call Is Now on Twitter: Have you answered lately?

The Great Roll Call

The Great Roll Call@Mghtyfieldofvsn

 What does it mean that The Great Roll Call is now on Twitter?

Consider the attributes that have made The Great Role Call your choice for a journal on American political thought.  Now modify, manipulate, concentrate and condense those thoughts into 140 characters.   

What are the results?  A lot of incomplete ramblings and non sequitors?  Yes, perhaps.  But I am still learning.  It is no small feat for someone with a professional degree for writing interminably long tombs and calling it a "brief" to limit themselves to a mere 140 characters.  Hell, I yawn in more characters than that! 

So if you are the type of person who rubber necks and gawks at accident scenes, who roots for the fire when the orphanage burns and/or makes change when the offering plate passes you but somehow always wind up with more money leaving church then when you came, well don't bother following The Great Roll Call@Mghtyfieldofvsn on twitter because you are a Republican or small minded conservative and it will only piss you off.  But for everyone else, oh hell, even the Republicans, Conservatives, Birthers, Birchers and Tea Baggers are welcome.  If you keep an open mind, well, you might even learn something.

So welcome aboard, man up and dive in. 
-Plainsense, September 27, 2012


 The Great Roll Call's Creed

Life is short so ride whenever you can, only listen to good music, drink the best craft beers and smoke fine cigars.


Physical:  Across from Laughing Waters.   Virtual:


  The Great Roll Call   The Great Roll Call@Mghtyfieldofvsn
"To all the friends and strangers and even enemies who answered the Great Roll Call when...rabid scum ...tried to put me in prison." -HST

The Great Roll Call@Mghtyfieldofvsn
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro! Twitter will never be the same. Have you answered lately?

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