Friday, September 14, 2012

Breaking News: Judge Strikes Down Walker's Actions banning Collective Bargaining as Unconstitutional!

A Wisconsin judge just struck down the state law used by Gov. Scott Walker to effectively ban collective bargaining rights for most public workers.

Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas ruled Friday that the law violated both the state and U.S. Constitution and was therefore  null and void. The ruling comes after a lawsuit brought by the Madison teachers union and a union for Milwaukee city employees.

Walker spokesman Cullie Verner VonWerwie says he is confident the decision will be overturned on appeal or else the Reichstag may be in danger.  It was not clear if the Brown Shirts aka Walkerites would obey the court ruling or again engage in illegal or unconstituional acts. The law took away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most workers and had been in effect for more than a year.

Here is Judge Colas' opinion:

Madison Teachers et al., v. Scott Walker et al.

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