Friday, August 17, 2012

Plainsense Easily Defeats Romney Lover in First Surrogate Presidential Debate*

IssueShould Mitt Romney Disclose More than One Year of his Tax Returns?

Romney Lover:  

Welfare and political office are both voluntary, although one wants to work for the people, the other wants to drain resources from the people.  Seems like the resource drainers are the ones we need to be targeting not those who are trying to serve the people and make this Country better. 


Conflating those that choose to run for elected office and disclosures that have become de riguer (set by his own father) to people who are on public assistance?  They have nothing in common.

Romney Lover:  

It wasn't a problem in the 60's when the last thing people wanted to recieve is public assistance. But, today with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on public assistance I think we need to rethink the ease at which we distribute those funds. In addition they has 1 out of 3 kids gets some sort of reduced lunches. That seems a little preposterous. I would start putting conditions on that type of help. For one I would contract with food processors to make food stamp foods. In addition, if you have a cell phone then you are not getting any public assistance. If you have cable no assistance, if you have a newer car no assistance, if you have any pets no assistance. I mean, lets get lean and mean. Your thoughts?

Plainsense :  

Get over it, there by the grace of God go you.  Would you trade places with them?  Then shut up.

Romney Lover 

Because I wouldn't trade places with them doesn't mean I'm in favor of them ripping off the taxpayer. So, if I don't want to trade places with someone I cannot criticize them now are you getting these rules from the "Plainsense playbook, how to confuse your opponent"?


Getting back to the real issue:  What is Romney hiding?  Tax cheat.  Offshore accounts.  Job killer How bout the $8 billion the GAO just gave up trying to find which was cash unaccounted for by Bush Admin in Iraq, a war they said would cost $47 billion and $1 trillion later ...and a war that did not need to be fought ... which is the bigger rip off ...again you can't see the forest for the trees... how bout the tax breaks to the uber wealthy who only create 4 % of the jobs we could save trillions... you as a middle class person are being ripped off and screwed and you say thank you mam,  more please?  Not me.   I ain't a slave on Romney's Farm.   I am casting off my shackles and your hackles!

Score:  Advantage Plainsense. 

*Actual IM discussion (edited for punctuation and flow).

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