Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rubio and Republicans Cry Foul on Immigraton Issue: Who Are They Kidding?

After spending the last two election cycles bashing immigrants in this country of immigrants, chinless Mitch McConnell and his hopeless band of hypocrites would have you believe that Cuban American Republican Senator Marco "I only wear Polo" Rubio was on the verge of unveiling proposed legislation for comprehensive immigration reform.  Their critique goes something like this:  President Obama had four years and at least, for a brief time, majorities in both houses of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform but frittered away said opportunity only to sign an executive order that is nothing more than an election year gimmick.

Well, to quote a famous inebriated Irishman, let me say "Oh Really Now!"  The Republicans controlled both houses of Congress from 1994 until 2007 and the White House for eight years under Georg W. Bush and never lifted a finger as far as immigration reform was concerned.  Despite the fact that the Clinton Administration had given his successor all the tools to get tough on the immigration problem in the form of harsh penalties to employers who hire illegal immigrants, the Bush Administration only made the most feeble attempts at enforcement and never sought the ultimate penalty of a $300,000 fine per employee which would have solved the problem overnight.

No, the Republicans would have you believe that their token Latino, Rubio a Cuban American, whose ethnic group and country of origin maintains an exception to U.S. Immigration law shared by no other Latin American country, automatic refugee status.  Coupled with a long term disdain for Democrats due to JFK's debacle at the Bay of Pigs and a legacy of Republican cronyism dating back to when Cuban Americans were the Nixon Administration's bagmen or "plumbers" during the Watergate Conspiracy, there is no incentive for Rubio and the Republicans to come forward with legitimate comprehensive immigration reform at this time, right before an election where they dearly need the support of  their party's racist Tea Bag base.  To quote a famous former Latin American First Lady:  "Don't Cry for Me Republicans" cuz you ain't fooling nobody!

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