Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Racine: Wisconsin's Silver Lining as Democrats Take Back Control of State Senate in sole Recall Victory

How much do I love Racine, Wisconsin?  Let me count the ways: 

5.  The Samurai Slam; 

4.  The Salmonorama;

3.  July 4th Keg parties at Meredith Funeral Home;

2.  Home town of great friend;

 and the Number 1 reason I love Racine Wisconsin:

"RACINE— Democrat John Lehman has defeated Republican Senator Van Wanggaard for the 21st District Senate seat.
Senator Van Wanggaard was showing a lead throughout Tuesday night, June 5th, but high turnout in Racine helped tip the scales..."

"Democrats took back control of the Wisconsin Senate overnight, after one of four Republicans in yesterday’s recall elections went down to defeat. Racine Republican Van Wanggaard lost to the incumbent he unseated in 2010, Democrat John Lehman. Lehman’s victory margin was just 779 votes out of almost 72,000 cast...."

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