Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adios M.F.ers: Republicans War on Latinos and Immigrants Seals Their Fate

I have to laugh at all the neanderthal Republicans falling all over themselves with their self-congratulatory bullsh!t over what they try to sell to the public as a great victory in the Supreme Court decision announced yesterday in Arizona v. United States.  Anyone capable of reading and the tiniest modicum of legal knowledge would know that the Supreme Court's decision was in actuality a stunning repudiation of Arizona's short sighted and intolerant, racist tinged legislation aimed at keeping the state a private country club for rich old snow birds.

The only aspect of the Arizona law that the court left intact was the requirement that police and law enforcement officers verify the legal status of suspected illegal aliens if they have reasonable suspicion that the person(s) encountered while investigating a separate crime or otherwise valid traffic stop. Since the Supreme Court clearly stated that it was premature to determine at this time if the law as applied is constitutional due to the lower courts issuance of an injunction, the court dissolved the injunction but warned that it could still find the law unconstitutional once it is implemented.  Some great victory.

 Now the authors and proponents of the legislation would have you believe that since the law explicitly states that racial profiling is prohibited in forming the reasonable suspicion and is itself a violation of the law, all is hunky dory.  However, it is not hard to come up with a scenario where one of Sheriff Joe's rednecks in Maricopa County pulls over a person of Hispanic descent who speaks with a Spanish accent  and unreasonably detains or arrests the person only to find out the person is in actuality an American citizen who forgot their wallet at home. To quote the Los Lobos song and great Ruthie Foster cover, it's only a "Matter of Time".

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