Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney: "I was a Preppy Bully Boy"

Reading like the cheap, dime store, white trash pulp fiction that is the life and times of Mitt Romney, the right wing wannabe presumptive Republican nominee for President has admitted bullying gay classmates while in high school.

Although Mr. Romney could not recall any specifics citing the fact that "these people are not human beings deserving of my acknowledgment of their humanity", his fellow Republicans commended Mr. Romney for his ethics and strong Christian, woops, I mean Mormon values.*

In a Great Roll Call exclusive here is a recording made by one of Mitt's victims:

*"Until 1978, the LDS church banned men of African descent from its priesthood, a position open to nearly all Mormon males and the gateway to sacramental and leadership roles. The church had also barred black men and women from temple ceremonies that promised access in the afterlife to the highest heaven.."

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