Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Long Time Coming

No, I am not referring to the great Ruthie Foster cover of the Crosby Stills and Nash song. As one should probably guess, I am speaking of the story broke by Reuters today that the President has finally acknowledged the obvious, that under our Constitution, same sex couples have the right to marry. 

I was struck by the President's interview today, that he used the exact words that I used to use when discussing the issue.  I too used to be of the belief that civil unions was a reasonable compromise.  I too was attempting to be sensitive to and respectful of the beliefs of religious organizations.  I too am a lawyer and was born in 1961.  The difference between the timing of President's acknowledgement and my own was that my dear oldest brother, not a lawyer, but who worked in the legal industry and was one of the smartest and wisest humans I have ever known, explained to me approximately 10 years ago why nothing but the ability of same sex couples to marry would satisfy the U.S. Constitution.  Like myself, my older brother was not homosexual, but rather intellectually honest.

Today, our President showed the intellectual honesty of a constitutional scholar and the courage of a leader.

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