Thursday, May 31, 2012

In Tough Times, When Things Look Their Bleakest, Who Ya Gonna Call: The Solidarnosc Avengers

I could feel it even before I was fully awake this morning.  There was a palpable heaviness in the air, a brooding sense of evil foreboding what was to become in the east.  I rousted my ever faithful sidekick and life companion, Comrade Sausage, and we headed downstairs to face whatever the day would bring.

After letting my comrade out to make his daily statement on the capitalist system, I opened my front blinds, which face directly east overlooking the park with the famous waterfall.  It was then that I saw it.  A sight I had seen once before a little over one year ago while on a mission.  It all came rushing back to me like a bad acid trip:

"...We could tell we were nearing "Mad Town" from the black smoke on the eastern horizon. We've heard reports of Walker loyalists setting car tires and smudge pots afire. Against this surrealistic, Lord of the Rings war scene backdrop were coming radio updates from what has become known as Madison's Tahrir Square, aka the Capitol grounds, telling a horrific story of Walker loyalists, Tea Party Hooligans, GOP Goons, and conservative mercenaries from surrounding states, many in caravans of freshly washed, dark colored, Buick sedans, a few in BMWs..."

I knew then what was coming next, almost as if on cue my cell phone vibrated then gave off its modernist ring tone:  it was them of course, we had been assigned a new mission:   The Recall Ball   Destination:   Milwaukee.  The 1977 primer grey Chevy Van would soon be on its way to pick me up for what was sure to strike fear in the hearts of all the mamsy pamsy momma boy conformists  aka Walkerites, South Dakotans for Unicorns and Illini pirate wannabes for In Tough Times, When Things Look Their Bleakest, Who Ya Gonna Call: 


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