Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Infant Jesus:

You came into my life at a time that I dearly needed God's love.  My friend Sister LaDonna gave me your statue and chaplet and thanks to your grace I have had a good life and have been able to see my children grow into beautiful young adults. 

I now respectfully ask for your grace again , not for my self, but for my good friend, who along with his wife,  just one month ago, became the proud parents of twins.  Unfortunately my friend now lies in intensive care battling an infection which threatens his life.  Holy Infant of Prague I beseech you to bless my dear friend,  rid him of the infection that threatens his life and mend his body so that he like me before him, can see his two beautiful children grow up to become beautiful young adults.  I ask this in the name of our Lord the Father, his Son Jesus Christ and you the Blessed and Holy Infant of Prague.

Thank you for hearing my prayers,

Humbly Submitted by Your Servant,

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