Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cris Carter Seals the Deal: Finally Gets Into Pro Football Hall of Fame

Canton, OH

Breaking news:  Self-ordained man of God and feared by opposing players, little children and women alike and now we know why.  The former Minnesota Viking wide receiver's over sized ego and narcissism has finally got the best of him just about sealing any chance he ever had of getting into the Hall of Fame.

Yesterday the big bully to small children and women candidly admitted he took bounties out on opposing players.  Well knock me over with a feather.  Anybody who knows me has heard the story of this human piece of crap and his behavior at the Eden Prairie Mall his first year as a Viking.

Having heard the story through people who were on the receiving end of Carter's out of control wrath, I was never impressed by his pointing to heaven and taking a Tebow after scoring a touchdown.  I always said anyone who treats women and children the way he reportedly did has a serious character flaw and his attempts at religiosity were nothing more than posing and mockery and highly offensive to anyone of real faith.

So then, how do I explain the headline on today's post?  In light of his recent revelation, how in the world did he finally get into the Hall of Fame?  He paid the admission like all visitors!*

*Henny Youngman would like to give credit to the Prince of Little Mekong for stealing his joke.

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