Sunday, April 22, 2012

Edwards, Like Anthony, and Unlike Zimmerman, May Prove Hard to Convict

Nobody despises John Edwards more than me these days. No, I don't hate him because he is one of the most vain, self-centered,narcissistic assholes that has ever drew breath. I am pissed at him for lying to my face and to the faces of all those Minnesotans who packed that hot crowded Carpenter's Hall on the East side of St. Paul that 16 degree below zero February Night in 2008. There was not one mention that night that the campaign might be in danger or that this would be his last Presidential Campaign rally or his last ever political rally. No, it was all "...on to the Dakotas" or some such rubbish. I could not give two hoots in a hollow what becomes of this Carolina hill billie white trash.

So as much as I dislike dear old Johnny boy, I will be the first to say he does not belong on trial. Disliking someone or disliking someone's non-criminal behavior is hardly a good reason for putting all the weight of the most powerful government on the face of this earth behind winning a conviction against a pathetic fool like Edwards. Making an exception out of Edwards is no more moral than the acts of dear old Johnny boy himself. Thank you very much but I would rather look myself in the mirror each morning than stoop to the likes of his level or the level of those that are now persecuting him.

I got into a lot of hot water among my colleagues and fellow attorneys when I pontificated that Casey Anthony should be acquitted after watching the prosecution's over the top and lame brain summation of its case. Although I am way way out in front on this one, I mean for chrissakes the trial has not even started yet. But compare this to the George Zimmerman case down in Florida. Now all you have to ask yourself, would they be on trial but for their non-criminal behavior? Clearly in the case of Edwards, hate him or despise him, you have to admit that he would not be on trial but for his cad behavior.

The same cannot be said of Mr. Zimmerman who, to his great chagrin I am sure, narrates to a 911 operator his racial profiling of a young man, stalking and harassing him only to have the tables turned on him and his racist little pussy ass, getting bitch slapped and then like the true punk he really is, escalating to deadly force instead of taking his beating from a teenager packing a bag of skittles.

Well, I guess when you put it's put that way, maybe Johnboy shouldn't even be on trial . Dang it!

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