Thursday, April 5, 2012

CBS News is Back

Like most members of my generation, I grew up in a household where Walter Cronkite was the patriarch of television news and television news meant CBS. Since Walter's retirement, the news division at CBS went through a lot of low points, Dan Rather's meltdown aka "what's the frequency Kenneth?", the cowardly action of management in kicking Dan to the curb when his story on the AWOL GWB was factually correct, the Connie Chung chapter and the nadir: hiring Katie Couric to host the Evening News.

Well no one is happier than myself over the incredible turn around at CBS News. It all started when they replaced Couric with Scott Pelley. Unlike his light weight predecessor, Pelley has the gravitas to pull off the hardest job in the business, the unenviable and almost impossible task of filling the chair once occupied by Cronkite.

Most recently, CBS News has raised the stakes in the television news game by hiring the best interviewer in the business , Charlie Rose, to host its morning show. Rose, who like myself must be an insominac, has pumped new life into a show that was nearly lifeless. I especially love the montage that starts off each show giving you a pictorial montage of what was happening in the world in 90 seconds.

So hats off to CBS News and welcome back to the home of Cronkite.

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