Thursday, January 19, 2012

Neut's Latest Lie: Obama Food Stamp President? Nice Try Neut, But the Truth is That Bush is The Food Stamp President

"Neut", short for neutered Gingrich, is up to his old tricks. Tonight America will learn more about this paragon of conservative and Republican virtues. We'll hear all about his two divorces, womanizing and request for an open marriage with wife number 2. While this should render his campaign dead, since he is relying on the Evangelical Christian vote to win. However, I noticed a clever ploy used by the "rules don't apply to me gang" and "I'm a hypocrite and I don't care crowd", that is they can commit whatever sin, crime, and or immoral conduct they want to and we are supposed to give him a free pass because his religion believes in forgiveness. Ahhh BULLSHIT!!

If these finger pointers were true Christians they would not be judging everyone BUT THEMSELVES.

So judge for yourselves: Who is the Real Food Stamp President? Why of course, George W. Bush, a conservative Republican. But Republicans are great at repeating the big lie until they believe things like Iraq had something to do with 911, truth be damned.

Well Damn all of you hypocrite christians and Republicans, there is an especially warm corner of hell waiting for you.

To read the proof that Neut is lying :

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