Sunday, January 1, 2012

And the Weiner Is..."That's Not Tea It's GOP"

That's right, we have a tie for the First Annual Poser of the Year Award. The "Mary Edgar" goes to the Republican Party and to all members of the so called Tea Party for letting themselves be co-opted and hijacked by the very people who put us all in the financial predicament we find ourselves in today, the Republican Party.

Whether it was crony capitalism, tax breaks for the uber wealthy during wartime, trading in bogus securitized mortgages or selling the same bogus investments short, all tracks lead back to the GOP. So the idea that the groundswell of public anger should be co-opted and hijacked by the likes of Michelle Bachmann and her ilk is laughable. The U.S. House Republicans were directly responsible for the lowering of the U.S. credit rating as a result of their game playing and brinkmanship over raising the debt limit, an issue no one ever played politics with in the past.

Locally, the Minnesota Republicans were directly responsible for shutting down state government to the detriment of the state's credit rating and bringing UNCERTAINTY, the new boogieman, to the mindless zombies who repeated the chant in unison all the while pointing their stupid , bony, mindless fingers at the Obama administration while taking absolutely no responsibility for the very problems they were themselves causing. Amazing. Exactly! (Nod out to Lake Superior State.)

Adding hypocrisy to injury was the Minnesota Republican Senate Caucus who punished and illegally retaliated against two of the ugliest, most loathsome human beings for having the audacity to hook up and share the love. Family values indeed. Amazing . Exactly!

Not to be outdone, the Republican majority leaders of both of the state's chambers played games with the Democratic Governor who was working earnestly and in good faith on the Vikings Stadium while at the same time stabbing him and the state in the back with secret emails to the rank and file vowing to sabotage any deal. Senate Majority leader Amy "Craig" Koch even gave an interview to Minnesota Public Radio extolling what the Vikings meant to her: "A great big bowl of chili on a Sunday afternoon". Sports and food. That's all the Sabbath means to Petunia. Amazing. Exactly!

So take a bow Tea Party and Republican Party members for you all are the 2011 Posers of the Year!!

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