Friday, July 29, 2011

A Cautionary Tale for GOP & Tea Party: Minnesotans Blame State GOP 2-1 for State Shutdown

Looking at the piece of shit legislation that just passed the House, one really has to wonder what kind of drugs are the Republicans on to think that even the most right leaning independent isn't going to blame them for the economic downturn that is now nearly inevitable as a result of the Tea Baggers posturing and playing games with people lives and the financial future of our nation.

If you think this is just partisan rhetoric, just take a look at the latest poll out of the State of Minnesota. By a margin of more than 2-1, Minnesotans blame the Republican controlled Legislature for the recent government shutdown more than they blame Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, according to a poll taken this week by the highly acclaimed journalism website MinnPost.

Perhaps the MinnPost poll's most revealing information was that the state's key swing voting block, Minnesotans with no strong party identification, the independents, strongly favored the Democrat's balanced approach 72 per cent to 22 percent who favored no new taxes and just a minuscule 2 percent for no spending cuts.

The message to Orange Man and the chinless wonder is clear, beware my friend, beware!

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