Friday, June 17, 2011

Sean Hannity: "Harriet Bint Must Resign! Now!"

Sean Hannity, the not so quick-witted hero to the stupid and great unwashed (i.e. tea baggers, Republicans and Fox News watchers) fresh from taking credit for the resignation of New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (D) has now set his sites on local school board member Harriet Bint of New London, Tennessee.

Never accused of being the brightest bulb in the pack, it was not until two days ago when Hannity finally figured out the punny possibilities of a politician named Weiner taking pictures of his weiner. So when Hannity finally expressed his belated not so original observations and faux outrage the matter had pretty much run its course and the next day Rep. Weiner resigned.

Encouraged by the success of his crusade, not so originally dubbed "Weinergate", Hannity next set his sights on ruining all politicians, no matter how small, who, in Hannity's mind have a dirty surname.

Hence Hannity's targeting of school board member Harriet Bint. Said Hannity: "The unmitigated gall of this dumb C#^+. I mean who is she that thinks she could have any future in politics with a name like Hairy Bint?"

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