Saturday, June 18, 2011

RightOffline 2011: Harriet A No Show; Bachmann Accepts Award On Bint's Behalf

June 18, 2011
Minneapolis, MN

In a dramatic turn of events in Minneapolis this evening, blog of the year award recipient Harriet Bint was a no show at the RightOffline 2011 convention. Accepting the award on Mrs. Bint's behalf was none other than tea bag favorite and part-time Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, (leading to wide spread speculation as to why the two have never been seen together or more importantly, why no one has ever seen Mrs Bint, period).

Addressing the friendly, partisan crowd of right-wingnut bloggers, white supremacists, anti-government, anti-taxes, posse comitatus, ultra-nationalist Serbs, neo-Nazis, Republicans and sovereign citizen types, Bachmann gave her typical rousing but factually and historically inaccurate and confused speech.

Bachmann told the gathering in Minneapolis:

"It's so good to be back in my adopted state of Minnesota tonite , home of the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty. In 1948 when Hubert Humphrey made his famous ride to the Democratic Convention and rang those bells to alert the British that they couldn't discriminate against our arms and legs and that we needed to provide handicap access to that rock in Plymouth, a suburb just west of Minneapolis..." I kinda lost it after that. The crowd of yee-haws and troglodytes were cheering and harrumphing so loudly I couldn't make out the rest of Bachmann's rambling dissertation. No matter, the crowd, just like those at Nuremberg in the 1930's, smelled blood and hate in the air.

With a candidate as dumb as this, the Republicans should have no problem loosing again next election cycle, that is if they even have a candidate. The latest rumors swirling around the convention this evening were speculating whether all the Republican potential candidates might be in the dock at the World Court in the Hague instead.

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