Saturday, June 11, 2011

In the Doghouse Now: Local Press Coverage of Mpls Tornado an Embarrassment

All the respect and admiration earned in the aftermath of the 35W bridge collapse several years ago has now been squandered when the Twin Cities CBS station, WCCO, runs a news story last night concerning the living conditions in North Minneapolis almost three weeks after the storm. In a continuation of the press exploitation and exaggeration of the situation which has gone from the local Fox affiliate panicking and broadcasting wildly exaggerated reports of wide spread looting and gunfire on the night of the storm to last night's WCCO report that a North Minneapolis man was purportedly living in a brick dog house supposedly because he could not figure out any other way to protect his property.

By the gleam in the eyes of pathetic fool telling his tale of woe, to the gullible local press, I for one am "...not buying what their selling..." to paraphrase the late great ZZ Hill or as my father would say: "Oh Bullshit!". Either this is just another example of the predominantly white, upper class, local press corp being conned again by a few savvy, but vocal, members of the Northside poor and minority communities or we are doomed. C'mon Minneapolis get some self-respect and don't believe everything you hear from the incredibly lazy local press corp aka happy news and 20 minutes of weather. Before running an exploitative story like the one run by WCCO last nite, I suggest the reporter first verify the idiot actually spent a night living like Snoopy. May God help us. Check it out yourself at

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