Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry: Willingham Case is Perry's Chappaquiddick

If anyone out there, that includes you too Governor, thinks that Texas Governor Rick Perry is the answer to the GOP Presidential candidate woes they had better watch the PBS Frontline episode on how a botched arson investigation turned miscarriage of, then obstruction of justice, with the end result being the State of Texas by act of Governor Rick Perry, putting to death a possibly innocent man, Todd Willingham.

Talk about your misguided and unwarranted government mandates, hey Rick don't ya think when you are imposing the most extreme and irreversible form of punishment you would want to have all the facts, including recently proffered scientific facts, which by the way absolved Mr. Willingham of intentionally setting the fire that killed his children. Instead you prematurely disbanded the commission, the commission that you established, when you did not like their results and than proceeded to allow Mr. Willingham's execution to go through ignoring exculpatory scientific evidence.

I cannot imagine Executive branch decision making this poor let alone come up with comparably bad examples of executive decision making this wretched and grotesque. Oh yeah, I forgot. There was just that little issue of how you cavalierly reacted to the prospect of putting to death a possibly innocent man. To those that think Rick Perry has a chance to become the GOP's Presidential candidate I have just one word: Willingham.

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